Java Updates to run IL Compass

If you cannot open the Chat in IL Compass, it maybe that you need to update Java. First click on the CHECK BROWSER link on the top right corner of Compass.
If your browser is not playing the Java applets correctly and/or is asking you to update your Java Software, it maybe that the version of Java that is installed on your browser is causing the problem. The latest version of Java may be causing some conflict in Compass, so if you have that, you will need to uninstall and re install another version of Java Run Time Environment (RTE) from the Java website.

How do I know what version of Java is running in my computer?

If you have a Windows XP, follow this link

How do I uninstall the previous version?

If you have a Windows XP follow this link

Follow the instructions to download.If prompted, you need to select the Windows Online Installation option.

For a text version of this tutorial, go HERE

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