How to upload grades from a spreadsheet into the gradebook

1. Download the course roster by going to the Gradebook and selecting the button "Export to Spreadsheet" at the bottom of the page.

2. Save that as your "master" spreadsheet for the course roster.

Now that you have that spreadsheet, use it to enter grades to different assignments. You don't need all the columns that show in the Master spreadsheet, you only need the User ID column and the column of the assignment that you want to update.

3. If the column of the assignment is in the Master spreadsheet, leave the name as is, and enter your grades there. If you don't have the column in the Master spreadsheet, then add a column with the name of the assignment that you want to enter

4. Save the spreadsheet as a .csv (Comma Separated Value)

5. Close the spreadsheet.

6. Go to your course gradebook in Compass

7. Click on the button "Import from Spreadsheet"

8. Browse for the file, and upload.

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