To Hide or Move Courses in Your Course List

1. Log in to Compass, and from your Course List page (the first page you get to, before entering any course site), and click the Edit Course List button:

2. You will see a list of all of the course sites you have access to in Compass. From this page you can click the Hide Link button to hide any courses you no longer need to access. After you hide a course, the Hide Link button will change to a Show Link button, so at any time you can go back and show a course again.

3. You can also reorder the courses in your course list by using the Move buttons on the same page. First, check the checkbox to select the course you would like to move, and then click the Move button next to the course in the list where you would like to move the selected course, and then choose to either Move Selected Above, or Move Selected Below:

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